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Analytics – At your Service! Google Analytics Account Setup

Google Analytics Account Setup

We provide our customers an expert assistance and professional service by ensuring a smooth, reliable custom installation perfectly suited for the clients’ business. When we take the responsibility of Google Analytics Account Setup we concentrate on 4 main deliverables that are required to be treated precisely and efficiently.   

The 4 key deliverables of the Analytics setup are: 

Website Audit

  • Visit the client website
  • Do a five second test and determine what the website is all about and what we are trying to sell.
  • Browse the website thoroughly and note down what is vital.
  • Setup SMART Targets – Increase Traffic
  • Get a written agreement from the client on the goals, goal values, funnel pages and Targets.


Account Level Configurations

  • Enable data sharing settings.
  • Get Administrative privileges at the account level (Manage users, Edit, Collaborate, Read and Analyze).
  • Grant/ manage other users access to your analytics report.
  • Document recent essential changes made to your analytics account (Change History).


Property Level Configurations

  • Enable demographic and Psychographic data.
  • Enable Enhanced Link Attribution for In-Page Analytics.
  • Get Administrative privileges at the property level.
  • Create remarketing list.
  • Verify tracking code installation.
  • Verify that you are receiving the analytics data in your reports.
  • Create Custom dimensions and Custom Metrics.


View Level Configurations

  • Change Time Zone and Currency Settings
  • Enable Internal Site Search Tracking
  • Set up Goals and funnel pages in your account
  • Apply filters to your view /Exclude Internal Traffic
  • Set up branded and generic paid search keywords
  • Schedule reports to be emailed automatically
  • Create report shortcuts


After our Google Analytics expert setup your account you will be able to:

  • Have a fully implemented Google Analytics Profile
  • Access your fully customized Analytics dashboard
  • Provide the Analytics code to your developers
  • Access automated and customized reporting

Setup your Google Analytics account today!