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Analytics – At your Service! Insight, Analysis & Reporting

Insight, Analysis & Reporting

It is important to examine the investment made and the returns achieved on any marketing campaign to evaluate its success, and to apply the necessary improvements to get the maximum returns for the money invested. Way2go Google certified Analytics experts  provide you an abundance of data about both your website and your customers.

The main key reports that Google Analytics provides are Acquisition Overview and Social Overview.

Acquisition Overview – Provides details on how many people visited your site and where that they came from.

Social Overview – Helps you determine what social networks are providing the most ROI. Way2Go’s Analytics team focuses on areas of most interest to you and your company. Areas can include Funnel analysis, Search Traffic, Referral Traffic, Direct Traffic, Contents and performance of the campaigns.

The Google Analytics reports alone are not enough that is why we provide valuable analysis of the results by comparing it to historical performance and competitors performance and evaluate  it against the goals you have set for your customized online sales strategy. 

Accordingly, value added insights and recommendations are provided in order to fine tune your goals and make the necessary adjustments in order to improve your conversions and improve your ROI.

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