Way2go Digital

Display Approach Report


Reporting provides you with the opportunity to see some real insights and empowers you to take the right decisions for your brand and marketing strategy based on actual Real-Time feedback and results. Among others, Google Analytics is one of our major tools to track and study the conversion rates of the Display ads and create periodic reports (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), based on which our experts will present some value added amendments and solutions for the campaign. Display marketing reporting is the evaluation of how successful is your campaign strategy performing overall, and what are the obstacles that are preventing some Ads to have high click through rates and reach their potential.


Through regular reporting, we can detect if we have any issues regarding the design, message or the landing page of the display Ads and recommend corrective actions.


Way2Go reporting suite contains the following:


• Campaign Performance

• Conversion Tracking

• Landing page and relevancy

• Campaign Event/Change History

• ROI Reporting

• Keyword level

• View-Through Conversions