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There are many companies rushing into the new world of RTB (Real-Time-Bidding). Some are traditional media outfits rebadged to get their share of the programmatic pound. Others are purebred tech start-ups with an awesome understanding of technology, but smaller knowledge of the often complex media landscape often leads to a poor deployment of campaigns. 

We take a balanced approach. Where it is possible to turn display media buying over to machines, after all, they are good at making thousands of calculations per second to optimize your campaigns. However, they’re not so good at understanding specific requirements, the nuances that exist when executing plans and using years of experience. This balance creates excellent results where human strategy and insight is supported and executed extremely precisely and with an efficiency never seen before in display media. If you’re an existing Way2Go client the integrated technology used by us means that you can run the following activities and more without your spend being misplaced across different channels or even strategies and budgets:

  • Drive incremental sales
  • Prospect for new customers before they search on the web
  • Message qualified leads on the web
  • Re-engage your site traffic in appropriate environments on the web
  • Add reach to your SEM activity
  • Integrate display to your CRM data to reach customers
  • Retarget prospects beyond search

For example – if a user has seen a display ad and then later searches for you using a brand keyword, we can stop showing them speculative display messages and start spending display retargeting budget or stop display completely. Before programmatic buying this was impossible, this led to a totally inefficient display spend and other channels failing to be in harmony with one another. 

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