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Timing is everything! Especially with email campaigns.

Go fast, helpful and cheap!

Time is precious and means everything! Knowing when to launch and how to direct your email campaign, can have a huge impact on your products’ sales for potential and returning customers. If people are really interested in your product, the email can help build customer loyalty.

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At Way2go our experts know the importance of exciting Calls to Action.  A right call for action timely and reaching out to the customer can yield significant results for your business, increasing the sales and conversion rates.

Email marketing is used to:

•  Keep people updated on the latest offers and developments that are occurring within your organization,

•  Cross sell other product lines you have,

•  Retarget people who dropped out of your website before reaching conversion,

•  Target potential customers who have shown an interest in your proposition.

Way2Go creative team ensures that all email campaigns are designed in such a way with HTML where customers can access it without any issues whether they are on public or private email domains.  Moreover, to confirm that all the key information is getting across, we always use the campaign monitor to check how people are interacting with your emails and use Google analytics to have more insights about your campaign and how it affects your sales.

The last and not the least, to help increase conversation rates, we also measure the success rates of our email campaigns, ensuring that we’re targeting the right people with the suitable offers.

So, if you want to perform successful email marketing, we make sure the following are planned professionally: 

  • Email newsletter sign-up, email signature, confirmation links
  • Contact organization by demographic categories
  • Purpose of the campaign
  • Template Design , call to action links
  • Tracking setup
  • Reporting
  • Get 50% off for your first email campaign!

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