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Fine Tune

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The process of fine tuning is finding methods to optimize the effectiveness of the campaign and test the results to further fine tune and reach desired target and start getting the desired Return on Investment for the Display Ads. Our experts constantly review, evaluate and fine tune using the following key steps:

Adjusting the Ad Timing and Frequency

Every dollar spent on Display ads count that is why its important to check how recent is the Ad and how frequently we are exposing the customer to the same exact Ad. Display Ads are exposed to unique individuals whom we aim to transform into conversions. If an Ad is served too many times to the same individual in rapid progression, the risk losing its attractiveness becomes higher. And once the audience starts disregarding the Ads by means of paying very low level of attention, automatically this will lead to wasted impression dollars. Hence, we strictly follow and control the ad frequency and its performance on the brand awareness and aim to a greater audience to create a bigger impact. Moreover, we often come up with totally new design with different vibe of creation and generate new ways of pushing and creating awareness to push your brand forward.

Analyzing the Collected Data.

We measure, analyze, and determine the key areas for optimization and successful results. In this phase, it is important to finalize the Ads on placement level, site level, and specific websites and placements in general. 
Along with you, we finalize the bid adjustments, placements and seek to maximize profit and brand awareness with the specified budget. The aim of analyzing and collecting the data is to monitor and optimize your campaigns and make them more profit oriented over time and cost effective.

Updating of User Targeting / Ad Posting Times / Geographical Targeting

Identifying a target audience of consumers is among the most important factors for a new launching business. Knowing to distinguish between different audiences makes it easier to identify what segments of individuals strongly support your business and whether they are going to become loyal customers in the future. Basically, there are three main options that we use for user targeting, and here are the following:

• User targeting – Based on characteristics such as gender, age and geographic location etc.
• Behavioral targeting – recent online activity like pages they have visited or the searches they have made etc.
• Re-targeting – Reaching users who have visited before and are considered to perform an action or a purchase.

In addition, knowing when your customers are most likely to browse and buy in another value added approach to improve your competitive position in the market and serve the full impact of your brand as well.

• Time of day
• Day of week
• Highest time of conversions (based on nature of product or service)
• Other factors…

Also, our experts can fine tune the geographical targeting strategy so you can have the best results for your Ad(s).
To improve the conversion through knowledge of your customers’ geographical profiles and behaviors some of the following could be used:

– Customized content and usage of local language and currency
– Dynamic landing page where it changes based on from where the customer accesses
– Location based offers and games to engage the customers
– And many other proven techniques

Display Ads Relevancy

In display marketing, ads relevancy is a major requirement, that the Ads and the landing pages are relevant to each other as well as consistent. Landing page must serve the same goal as the ad which is converting the visitor into a potential customer.
It is essential to mention that our creative approach is always performed at the right place and the right time in any marketing campaign in order to prevent banner blindness and fatigue performance.

Speaking of relevant ads, our job is to always ensure that the size, the color and graphical elements of the banner ad will support the CALL-TO-ACTION button and take the visitor to the landing page. Way2Go with its designing team produces and delivers high performing Ads to customers.

Let our Experts help you Fine Tune.

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