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How to Optimize Conversions Testing and Evaluation

Testing and Evaluation

A Way2Go Google certified Analytics expert will set up a meeting with the client in order to obtain a brief understanding of how their site functions and how is the conversion rate performing. This allows us to define strengths and weaknesses of the website and the barriers that are slowing down or sometimes preventing the increase of the conversion rate.

One our key corporate objectives is how to make your website more profitable, that is why in this stage our analytics expert will ensure to do all needed tests and uncover all related issues that pose a barrier to your successful conversions. To examine and test all the valuable data provided by Google Analytics can provide powerful insights on your customers online behavior and your website too.

Even if your Google analytics is setup in an orderly fashion, it is worth to test this and get the data analyzed by a Google certified analytics expert in order to uncover trends in the data nad identify useful information that could be leveraged to improve your conversions.

Our testing and evaluation includes the following key activities:

Conducting a Live user feedback – It is considered as effective listening that helps the client develop his performance and keeps him motivated and inspired. We find out how easily the customers are able to complete key tasks on the website compared to the competitors.
Optimizing areas of the website more effectively and prevent users to be misled after reaching the landing page.
Analyzing the content to ensure that it is in line with the analytics setup
Detecting broken links and errors in the website code.
Finding problems with the conversion funnels or shopping cart procedure. 

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