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PPC Management Account Setup & Execution

Account Setup & Execution

After fully exploring the PPC strategy, our Google certified experts move to the delicate process of PPC account setup which will ensure the proper implementation of strategy in order to increase traffic and secure conversions. 

For an ideal account setup your dedicated PPC expert answers the following 3 key questions:

1- Do your Ad groups have the desired seed keyword?

When creating the Ad groups for your PPC campaign, it is important to create a structure where all of the keywords contain the root keyword and require the same ad copy and landing page. Having the proper stem keyword in the Ad group will help us create several relevant keywords to ensure that those who are searching find what you are offering and move to the process of purchasing your product/ service.

2- Do your Ads have the right Call to Action (CTA) based on the seed keyword?

This is the process of ensuring your Ad is relevant and includes the right Call to Action based on the key seed keywords you have selected.   Ad relevancy is one of the most significant factors of quality score. Hence, in order to maximize the CPC savings gained through improved quality score, we make sure that the main seed keyword for each ad group is included in the Ad. 

Our PPC experts know by experience that it is not about the quantity of clicks you get but more about the quality of clicks which are real leads that will increase conversion.   So it is best to make the Call to Action very specific having the right seed keywords instead of more general thus attracting more clicks with less chance of conversion.  Do your Ads have the relevant keywords with respect to your content? Is it really addressing your target customers?  It is important to ensure this in order to have the optimal setup for your Ad which will lead to increased sales.

3- Is your Landing page designed to convert visitors into customers?

Taking the customer experience into account as a key component, our PPC experts ensure that your landing page is relevant and include the keywords most searched by your customers.  Landing page is the master key for conversions since it’s the last stop where the user reaches where we want him to stay and take an action.  The key focus is to make it as clear and crisp as possible to avoid any confusion the customer might have and accordingly having a focused strategy to increase the conversion of the site and increasing the number of your satisfied customers.


Following a successful account setup the execution becomes very straightforward and targeted to ensure the success of the PPC campaign.

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