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PPC Optimization & Review

Management and review of the PPC campaign is an important phase to ensure the success of desired outcomes.  It includes Optimization & Testing of the results in real-time as they happen and fine tuning of the strategy and the campaign in order to take the best decisions and put the most effective strategies into action.

Our dedicated PPC experts will consider the following to better manage your campaign:

Reducing your Campaign Cost

Keeping the costs as low as possible while having a successful campaign is one of the key objectives in PPC management.  That is why there is a huge focus on CPA – Cost Per Acquisition.  CPA is a metric that measures how much your business pays in order to attain a conversion. Hence, it is important to improve your conversion rate in order to lower your CPA. Along with CPC, your CPA will contribute to your overall Adwords cost.  The lower the CPA, we can say the more satisfactory the campaign performance and the more optimized the campaign to reach targeted conversions with the targeted budget.


Optimizing Impressions

Impressions are optimized in various ways such as the following: 

1- Adjusting of the Average Cost per Click

The Average Cost per Click is the average amount that you’ve been charged for a click on your Ad.    The Quality score and performance of each keyword are important factors that help us to control the Average CPC.  Keywords with high quality score undergo lowering CPC, and keywords with weak quality score or CTR undergo raising in CPC as well as quality score improvement editing.

Thus our PPC expert will adjust Average Cost per Click are based on the performance of the keywords as in Impressions and Conversion Rate.


2- Choosing the Relevant Keywords

Selecting the most relevant keywords is one of the most important parts of any search marketing initiative.  It is equally important to choose the right negative keywords to  prevent advertisers from wasting ad spend on keywords that aren’t relevant to their business or their audience.  Negative keywords will reduce the likelihood that ads will be shown for irrelevant keywords, thus enhancing the quality of the traffic reaching your website.

 3- Let the Best Ad Win !

It is often that several Ads get launched within same Ad group and our PPC experts do the needed analysis to know which Ads are outperforming the others and the reasons behind.  Through experience we have come to realize that the most successful Ads are the creative and appealing Ads to your target market with the proper CTA – Call to Action which will lead to the highest CTR – Click Through Rate.

So the Poor performing Ads are removed as a result of periodic revision and management of the PPC campaign. The ones that stay are the winners which will secure higher conversions for your business.


4- Adjusting Keyword Match and Budget

As additional measures of optimizing your PPC campaign, your dedicated PPC expert will ensure to adjust your keyword match type from the default match type (broad match that reaches the widest audience) to the needed more specific match types in order to get the most relevant clicks.  In addition, the Ad budgets are periodically (daily/ weekly) monitored to either increase or decrease the number of impressions to ensure the best allocation of budget possible that meets your targets.


Improving your CPC and Conversions

While monitoring carefully the PPC campaign, our PPC management team sets up and manages an identical campaign for every location where you want unique bids. We believe that we should boost bids in locations where your performance is stronger and reduce bids where performance is weaker.  The more relevant clicks you get the better is your CPC that is why often our experts employ negative keywords in order to weed out the accidental and undesired clicks on your PPC Ad campaign.

What you actually pay for a click is mainly dependent on the bid competition and quality score. Increasing your bid will definitely affect the CTR and total traffic as well as the total cost of the campaign due to higher ranking and performance.  To support this, keywords and root keywords are tailored per content presented in the Ad and the target customers based on specific product the Ad is designed for.

Moreover, in order to improve your conversion, your Adwords landing page is optimized to be relevant and follow best practices so more of your clicks lead to conversions and to achieve better quality scores.   Relevancy of the landing pages has many requirements such as a strong headline, clean and attractive design, , a user-friendly landing page, and clear call to action features.

In addition, to improve your customer satisfaction, our experts recommend a follow up email campaign targeted to your loyal customers and linked to the sign-up landing page, in order to improve cross-selling, further increase conversions and have higher engagement levels. It’s a sure way to get more for your money and have better Cost Per Acquisitions (CPAs).

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