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    PPC Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns have become a key success factor when it comes to digital advertising. It is the most cost effective and efficient way to bring your brand message to your target customer as only those who are interested will click on your ads and only when your budget is allocated per cost of the click. PPC campaigns are also considered self-financing because with a fixed CPA and higher conversion rates your each dollar spent will return a higher return on Investment (ROI). How to setup and manage these PPC campaigns has become a mix of science and art where our PPC Google certified experts are well equipped and experienced to make it successful for you and your brand.

Typically PPC Management is delivered at a % of budget methodology, however we offer customized solutions to our customers based on their specific needs.

The PPC Management consists of three major phases:


Before recommending a PPC management strategy, Way2Go PPC experts start off with a detailed marketing audit of the PCC for its clients existing and new PPC campaigns.

After fully exploring the PPC strategy, our Google certified experts move to the delicate process of PPC account setup which will ensure the proper implementation of strategy in order to increase traffic and secure conversions.

Management and review of the PPC campaign is an important phase to ensure the success of desired outcomes.

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