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SEO Approach Management and Reporting

Management and Reporting

Following the successful planning stage, our experts offer SEO management and reporting services which will ensure proper monthly tracking and staying a step ahead of the competition.

SEO Management

To optimize the authority and improve your Brand’s visibility our experts are dedicated to creating great content which will lead to higher interest, engagement by your visitors and potential customers.

The SEO team will use innovative techniques to improve your websites natural and organic ranking as well as Optimization of its authority:

  • Descriptive/ Innovative video Ads (Corporate 3D or animated Ads)
  • Information that will make your product stand out among others.
  • Commentaries and Expert’s Opinions.
  • User friendly tools such as calculators and checklists.
  • Product reviews and comparisons.

Content / Technical Support 

Our experienced experts in SEO know that, a successful SEO is a result of a strong website infrastructure and a well-designed and keyword rich content. Thus, we make sure that these two main factors are working in parallel in order to push the website forward and improve the its position on organic search as well as paid search.

The main factors in the Content structure are the following :

  • Keywords and phrases
  • Well format and organized text
  • Images with descriptive and specific tags
  • Headlines
  • Title Tags
  • Compelling meta Descriptions

The main factors in the Technical structure are the following :

  • XML sitemaps
  • “404 Pages”
  • 301 redirects
  • Well coding structure
  • IP addresses


SEO Reporting

Along with our technology partners, we deliver to our clients a deep understanding of their overall online business performance and specific campaign results. SEO reporting is key to tracking the monthly performance and understanding the changing needs and the searcher preferences.

The main things that we include in our SEO reports are:

  • Campaign Overview
  • Keyword Progress and performance
  • Performance with respect to the competitors
  • Impact On Traffic
  • Goal Completion / Sales
  • ROI Figures
  • Back link performance
  • Social data linked to SEO trends

Let our experts establish your SEO reporting Framework today!

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