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SEO strategy setting is a key stage for successful future SEO campaigns.  Your Way2go SEO expert will present the most customized approach for your business to optimize the SEO and improve your website ranking while going through the following stages:

Setting SEO Goals and Expectations

In order to plan for successful SEO, it is important to study the current condition of the client’s website. The existing visibility, traffic and conversions is a good place to start in order to setup the most relevant KPIs and Expectations with our customers.  It is after analyzing the SEO components and existing keywords that we produce an advanced strategy which would get more specific and targeted down the road during planning and implementation.

 Analyzing Keywords and Analytics

Way2Go’s analytics team tracks all the major requirements for its customers in order to enrich their data set with major insights of referring visits, conversion rates by search query, and many other metrics. Through understanding and analyzing the Keywords which your clients use to find you, we optimize the content to improve conversions and thus your revenues and ROI.

Keyword research and analysis starts with generating the seed keywords as base line in order to generate a comprehensive keyword portfolio.

There are three main types of keywords for search:

  • Generic Keywords                (e.g. Smartphone)
  • Broad Match Keywords      (e.g. [Brand Name] LED Smartphone)
  • Long Tail Keywords             (e.g. buy [Brand Name, Model Name] in London)

Performing Competitive and Opportunity Analysis

To complete the strategy exercise our team conducts competitive analysis to see what is working in the market today and the best practices by the competitors in terms of relevant keywords.  The opportunities are also identified through understanding the most recent trends in terms of what is being searched by customers per region. 

In addition to the above main types, we may also add keywords related to events – During the research phase, we will consider the following questions:

  • What are the main products that you sell?
  • What are the main services that you offer?
  • How do you distinguish your products from your competitors?
  • What Is the Feedback of your existing customers on your products?
  • What are the new product to be launched in the future?

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