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Display advertising campaign is one of the successful ways to create brand awareness and conversions. Online display advertising creates a unique opportunity for brands to target their ideal audience. Using demographic, geographic, interest, or other data, brands can build their ideal audiences and define messages to individual segments. We also create test campaigns for your brand, in order to collect baseline data for tracking, segmentation, and measurements that will help to choose the right ads for the specific targets.

Way2Go Display Strategy can be summarized with the following value added steps:

Set Campaign Objectives

The Key objectives of Launching an effective Display Ad Campaign are:
– Creating Awareness for your Product or Service
– Achieving desired Target Acquisitions (Conversions / Sales)

Target Specific Audience and Sites

It is very important to identify the target market and target audience since the main objective of any marketing campaign is conversion. Way2Go research team uses the latest tools and partner sites for building well advanced audience structure where we can perform re-marketing campaigns and reach people who are most likely to perform an action or purchase. Building detailed information about particular consumers will improve the creativity in the customer approaching planning and strategy.

Targeting specific sites is also considered as the vital part of targeting strategy since it requires deep study and observation before taking any action. Targeting specific sites or Adding Managed Placements are the meeting places where the customer feels more comfortable and interested with the topic as well as the ad that will appear. Displaying Ad in a site could be very efficient and highly effective but at the same time could lead to weak results. Hence, it is important to find sites that are relevant and connected to the client’s product in order to reach the right customers.

Creativity in Our Work

In any type of display ad, creativity is one of the major components of a high quality and performing ads. Being creative is to be innovative, and being innovative is to satisfy the specific needs, which in this case it is the customer’s attraction. It is interesting how creativity could be helpful for both brand awareness and leads. However, creativity should be headed to the right direction and strikes the right audience. Due to high competitive market it is very important to be highly creative in order to grab the attention of the user and increase their curiosity. 
We as creative thinkers are goal oriented and aim to create attractive designs, with a strong and magnetic headline by keeping the message brief, clear and concise with a call to action where applicable.

Regulate Pricing Structure

CPM – ‘Cost per thousand’ Impressions – We use the CPM pricing structure when the main objective is to create awareness.

CPC – Cost per Click – We use the CPC pricing structure when the major goal of the campaign is to boost traffic to a website or landing page.

CPA – Cost per Acquisition – We start using this pricing structure after achieving certain amount of conversions in a period of time and willing to maximize them by paying per conversion settled by Google Adwords.

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