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Targeted Campaign Management

Targeted Campaign Management

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Our Experts will show you how to drive SEO performance for a targeted area or product in your business.

SEO targeted management includes on-site and off-site optimization support.

The benefit of this approach is that it gives you the chance to check and measure the effectiveness of your approach.

We follow a 2-tier consultancy approach to get a full picture and launch on an optimal SEO management campaign:

 Tier 1 – Research & Audit Consultancy

A complete review will be provided including benchmarking with competitors. SEO audit will reveal all the changes should be made in the coding structure of the website or in the content strategy and keywords. 

Tier 2 – Technical and Content Consultancy

Once we gather all the data, our SEO experts will study the main technical and content issues and deliver actionable recommendations. “Content is King “ so after the technical issues are sorted out we will focus on a full analysis of content and keywords for the industry to ensure that your company stands out of the competition with quality content that both improves your website ranking and guides the visitors to become customers with increased conversions.  

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