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Web Design It’s all about Conversion

It’s all about Conversion

Any Way2Go’s expert will readily reply “Conversion” if asked “What is the most important aspect on a Website?” Conversion optimization is one of the key factors considered while designing your website because we know that you are investing in this website and deserve a tangible ROI for this!

That is why a lot of care goes into analyzing and understanding your websites analytics to see how to best optimize the conversions. How your customers are interacting with and using your website (usability) can be captured through important metrics such as return visits, bounce rates, time on site, etc. Our analytics experts are well trained to help you improve these metrics and increase the conversion rate. The conversion rate is the result of either strong or weak usability of any website. Strong website usability has three major factors:

Effectiveness – Users can reach their goals by finding what they are looking for or doing what they want to do.

Efficiency – the speed of the website which is based on number of errors, amount of effort, and number of steps.

Satisfaction – Are the users satisfied? Will they repeat their visit or recommend others to visit?

Way2Go has a wide range of unique techniques for conversion optimization and campaign performance resulting in higher ROI rates. Using the PPC and SEO insights we further try to comprehend the target audience and their unique characteristics and create a sensitive approach in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the your website.

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